”We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” -Max Depree

Hello & Welcome

Greetings from M. & S. Counseling services. We thought it would be helpful to start with a little information about our practice.    We are a small group of independent, licensed clinicians.  Our mission is to support recovery by providing quality,  caring,  and  effective services.  The focus of  our treatment is individualized,  and  we respect each persons needs,  pace, and growth process.  We emphasize collaboration and consultation in order to offer the best possible services.  We are dedicated to making M. & S. Counseling a truly nurturing and professional environment.

 Being a group  practice  allows  us  to  offer a broad range of  services to individuals,  families, and couples  from diverse backgrounds.  We work with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, substance use, relational problems, behavioral issues, trauma history, women’s issues, life  transitions,  and sports related performance anxiety.  We welcome you to visit our therapist section  (or click  below)  to learn more about each clinicians area  of expertise and to find the provider who is the best fit for you.   


We  believe  that  every  person  can  make  changes  to  create  the life  they want.  It  is easy  for past  trauma,  relational  issues,  life  transitions,  substance use,  and daily stresses  to  keep us  from  feeling  balanced  and healthy .   Therapy  is  a safe  place  to learn new  skills, gain  insight,  practice  self-care,   and  to find purpose  and meaning in everyday  life .  It  is  also  a tool to empower change and to promote healing.   We offer  individualized  psychological  care  in   a safe  and  confidential  setting.    We  want  to  help  each person reach  their  goals to  improve their daily lives,   

It’s  very  important that  our clients feel  supported,  understood, and  motivated by  the therapy process.   Our  philosophy  for therapy  is to  help you recognize  your strengths,  to  improve  your coping skills, and  trust  in your ability  to overcome any  challenges that you may  face.


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